professional service

SKIPCORP is Durban's leading skip hire and waste management company.

SKIPCORP complies with health and safety standards set out by the Department of Labour. This means that we are able to provide compliant services to all major building operations.

Our expertise are in waste removal and disposal for large industrial construction sites and specialising in high-rise buildings under construction where our skips can be hoisted up by the cranes, filled with rubble and waste on various levels and then lowered down with a safe load capacity of three tons.

Our skips and equipment are designed to go into sites where space is limited and areas are hard to access with larger conventional skips. We can strategically place the mini skips all around the sites in areas where Waste builds up and remove and replace those skips every day or every few hours.

Our skips and equipment can access buildings and multilevel parking blocks that have a height restriction of 2.1m and safely place skips and remove skips without damage to the top slab of the floor with weight limitations.

We provide an all round drop and collect service that keeps your site clean and safe.

Create a cleaner, safer and greener working environment for our clients